About us

Vanguard - a competitive European Crowfall guild. 

Vanguard was created on the idea of having a guild full of players with the same hardcore mindset.
That mindset is a strive towards always improving, not only on an individual level, but also on a team level.

A thing we value a lot in our theorycrafting is group synergy.
So if you are looking for a guild, with a team of motivated players, that love to practice, theorycraft and fight - then you have come to the right place.

We have created a Guild Timeline for 2019, Check it out here!

We can teach you any class/promotion/build at a high level.
professional approach
A professional approach to the game, while still having fun.
Motivated people
You will play in a guild with very passionate and motivated people.
Personal development
We will give you an environment that promotes personal development.

Current role spread

Melee DPS11%
Ranged DPS33%
pvp videos released
guides/tools released
Vanguard Members

What I like about Vanguard, is the serious approach to pvp, the depth in understanding the game mechanics, the skill level of players and the dedication.
We do anything (almost) for a laugh, because things shouldn't be too serious - after all.

Harzoo - Vanguard member

If you play with them, you'll win so hard that other guilds will accuse you of hacking. #truestory

Kunter84 - Nordic marauders officer

In Vanguard, competitive play and building synergy is all that matters. We love to PVP and our theorycrafting. Together we build the best group setups, find the best strategies and min-max every class/spec.

XeXeeD - Vanguard member

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