Patch 5.100 Crowfall Tier List

Vanguards 5.100 Tier List!

We thought it might be a fun idea to make a tier list for the 4 main roles you come across when playing in a group. This is both to give new players an idea of the viable promotions, and to share our view on how the different classes stand.

*DISCLAIMER - remember this is very subjective and based on our opinions and experiences from numerous fights throughout this patch.

How do we determine ranks?

You can see our spreadsheet here: Spreadsheet
Each role has some different variables, and then to prevent the options from becoming too big - we chose to focus on what wins you campaigns currently, meaning how the different classes perform in their designated role, when fighting over objectives.
This means forts and keeps(sieges).

This also means that niche roles or spec groups are not included in the determination of their ranks.


Main goal is to soak damage and lockdown enemies.

Variables: Prevent enemies from getting to your group, creating space and pressure, how easy they are killed.

Melee DPS

Main goal is to kill enemies as a melee dps.

Variables: Damage output, ability to stay on target, how easy they get killed.

Ranged DPS

Main goal is to kill enemies from range.

Variables: Damage output, ability to stay on target, how easy they get killed.


Main goal is to heal and buff your team

Variables: Healing output, buffs, ability to land heals reliably, how easy they get killed.

Thanks for putting this together! Lots of folks will find it very helpful, and we'll learn a lot from the comments and feedback it generates.

Pann - ACE Director of Community

Vanguards list is nice but will soon be very outdated. So as a clairvoyant let me give u HoA's list of top everything in 5.11
top range dps: frostweaver
top healer: frostweaver
top frontline: frostweaver

Medicaid - House of Avari Member

Nice work Vanguard!
I think the knight deserves an honorable mention under Support. I view them as platforms for buffs and debuffs due to their CD reduction. You could argue that they are more support than melee dps… unfortunately.

Brightdance - Winterblades Member